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Ray Toh aka Torei

Ray Toh is a Singapore based freelance illustrator, concept artist.

He developed his passion in Art when he first entered Temasek Polytechnic. Moving on, he started his working life as a background painter, and went on to become a concept artist, 3D artist, then, senior artist under companies like Creative Technology Ltd and Imaginary Friends Studios respectively.

He yearns to seek his own creative voice in this ever changing world. Relooking at what he has on hand and rethinking what is possible, he decided to pursue his own career as a full time freelancer in 2007.

Since then, he has been dealing with clients from different industries from several countries varies from advertising industry, comic industry, animation industry and etc. Clients mainly come from Singapore and United State.

Apart from being a freelancer, he is also a part time guest lecturer. During his free time, he will spend his time drawing and painting his own art pieces, as well as attending exhibitions to interact with other artists.

- Packed with projects until mid Nov 2012